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Dream up, organize & execute. That’s what we are all about. Our full-service media house thrives when it comes to developing media project in pro sports. Whether it’s brand campaigns, TV assets or event promo’s, we got you covered. With 35+ years of experience working closely with athletes and creating content for the biggest brands in sports, this what we do. You can bring in our expertise from the development phase up until execution or rely on our help to publish your project to the world - or anything in between. Our experienced in-house creative & brand team is here to realize your goals.

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+8 Years of Content Production

With over eight years of experience, we excel in crafting compelling content for brands alongside top athletes. Our approach merges brand goals with athlete authenticity, creating engaging narratives across diverse media to forge lasting connections with audiences.

"Eliud Kipchoge felt comfortable during our shoot, thanks to Global Sports Media House regional expertise, ensuring a smooth production and great results."

Tom Robberechts
MEA Marketing Director

"Just wanted to thank you and say amazing job with Liekes content. 10/10 and client is super happy!"

Elin Sjöholm
Campaign & Client Manager, Wella

"A 10 out of 10. Great tight communication. The athletes knew exactly what to do and the content outcome was a 10."

Jelmer Jeen Haanstra
CEO, Virtuoos

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